I miss the old ‘BLI in the morning’ gang :/

That’s it! I can’t take it anymore – today I officially quit BLI’s morning show as a listener. It’s been about a month since the new “BLI in the  Morning with Dana and Jeffrey” has been on the air and, although I haven’t been listening the whole time, I’ve caught enough of it to say I am done with the “new and improved” show as it stands.

After tuning out the new morning duo for the last time I had to find out what the heck happened to my favorite threesome. Wbli.com didn’t give up any backstory, but they do have Jeff’s bio page up.  And I have to say I wasn’t expecting him to be such a pretty face.  Maybe I just assume all DJ’s to have a face for radio, so I’m kinda surprised he’s not doing tv. From what I heard already I would’ve guessed his personality would be better suited for that.

But that’s not important. Here is what is, though. According to a Newsday article about the new morning show, the change “came about through market research and listener surveys.”  But who knows if that’s the whole story. My guess is BLI already anticipated some blowback from the change of personalities, so I don’t know how much use it would be for us fans to try and get Randy and Drew back (I know there’s an online petition on the internets.) And would the both of them even consider coming back if we got BLI to go back to the old show, (assuming Randy and Drew haven’t already moved on to something else?)

I’ve been trying to figure out what it is about the new pairing I don’t like. Is it because I just miss the old gang? I mean, no one likes change, right?  Is it because Jeff is too flaming gay? Too gay compared to Randy?!?! No.

What’s lacking now that we had with Dana, Randy, and Drew was balance. I think Jeff seems over the top only because it’s just him and Dana on the air. You don’t have a personality like Drew there to even out the energy.  And, you can’t expect a girl to balance out a gay man. Still, as a gay personality Randy had more dimension to him, more moods. I think because of the new change order Jeff will be stuck playing what one commenter on another website described hims as – cliché.  Cliché is safe, boring – not funny.

But it’s not just the feminine and masculine energy that’s way out of whack – the pacing of Dana and Jeffrey together is just too much. I mean, Dana was always pretty peppy, which you do want in a morning show host, but she doesn’t need a co-host who sounds like he’s on his tenth shot of espresso.  With the old gang, Dana’s zip was balanced out with Randy who was kinda aloof and moody, and Drew who was a cool mellow guy.

I couldn’t exactly put my finger on this other point until I read it on a facebook post from one of Randy’s fans – Dana and Jeff just don’t feel like they have chemistry together, at least not like Dana did with Randy and Drew.  The three together was like listening to good friends joking around. And I don’t know if they were really close friends off air, but at least it felt like that when you listened to them. It was a perfect combination and unlike the typical, “HEY LISTEN TO HOW WHACKY WE ARE!” affected morning zoo you find in any major radio market.

BLI, do you know what you had?  In the past 6 years all I’ve been listening to in my car was my iPod. Dana, Randy and Drew were the only reason that I’ve turned on the radio since I’ve discovered the show in the past year. To be able to do that I think it was something pretty special. Now, I guess it’s back to my iPod for my morning ride. *sad face*

And to Dana, Randy and Drew. Thanks for the lulz.


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