Jojoba oil to degrease your oil prone skin.

So, ever since puberty my skin has suffered from two major issues – 1. cystic acne and 2. oily skin.  I wrote a post about curing my acne here.  Now in this post I’ll share with you the solution I’ve found for my oily skin.  And as you can guess from the title it’s jojoba oil!.

Now just to  give you an idea of how oily my skin is (or rather, can be,) within about an hour after washing it you can see a sheen of oil all over my face.  After two hours I can pat my face dry with a double folded napkin and completely drench it, which I was doing throughout the day everyday up until I started using  jojoba oil.

You can google ‘jojoba oil’ and find out more about it, but in short this is the oil that most closely mimics the oil our faces produce called sebum.  It’s postulated on some websites that the reason jojoba oil has any affect on oily skin is because when the skin senses the oil, it shuts down its own production of sebum.  By the way, this is the exact opposite solution that’s put out there by companies selling products for oily skin when they feature “does not include oil” or “oil free” on their packaging.  So if you’re use to using over the counter products the idea of applying not just something that has oil, but oil itself onto your skin may sound incredulous to you.

If it does I’ll add this anecdote and you can prove it to yourself whether it’s true or not.  Just before discovering jojoba oil I became aware of this – waking up in the morning I know my skin accumulates a lot of oil over night, but if didn’t shower and wash my face, by the next morning my skin would be completely matte.  There wouldn’t be any signs of oil.  Obviously I’m not going to not shower and wash my face just to have matte skin, so that was never a practical solution.

But with that observation in mind and reading up on using jojoba oil, I was sold on trying it out.  And I can tell you it works great. I’ve been using it everyday for over a month now and my skin still showing improvements, even though I saw a major difference right away.  I started out applying it after my morning shower and then again before going to bed.  But it really wasn’t practical applying it in the morning since it takes time to fully absorb and I would have to wipe it off  before starting my day.  So now I just apply it once before going to bed and find it to work just as well.

The other benefit from all of this is I’ve done away of all the skin products I was using before – astringents, toners, benzoyl peroxide, and salicylic acid.  I still wash my face in the shower but overall my skin routine is now simpler, cheaper and even better – it’s more effective.

I apply about 6 drops of jojoba oil all over my face and neck area, making sure to avoid my eyes.  The cheapest brand I can find and the one I use is from NOW vitamins that I pick up from a local health food store (which has a 40-50% better price on it then what it’s selling for on Amazon.)  For all my oily skin peeps out there, I hope this helps you.

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  1. Start today and I, I drink home remedies for
    treating acne is almond milk. It is very heavy on the face, which is gentle and quite light too.

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